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Founded by Marlena Elise



About US

The Lady Art Collective was founded by artist and photographer Marlena McClain in 2013.

After working as an artist in NYC, I moved to LA to continue on  my path. "I was astonished to find such a lack in quality of purposeful art. I got tired of meaningless, over sexualized naked women on wall created by men, or work that didn't share similar values as what I held sacred. I wanted to create a revolution in the art world."

The Lady Art Collective curates sacred pop-up spaces that supports female creatives, visual artists, crafty ladies a-like with themes that focus on female folklore and the goddess culture. 



Who We Support


We support the radical, wild woman within. We are done with stereotypes of what a woman should act like or be like. We are about reaching women on a grassroots level and with hosting local art shows, venues and artists. Support local and support women period. Let your inner goddess shine within you.


Who Bennifits

The Lady Art Collective has helped female creatives reach their goal in being seen, heard and valued. We support female artists of all ages, backgrounds and identities. 

We support by hosting art shows, in finding venues, sponsors, food and beverage sponsors, pay for the marketing and hanging costs in order to get you to where you need to go!

Venice Art Crawl, Califia Farms, Angel City Brewery, Constance Brantley, Art Share LA, The Electric Lodge, Isabella Ilford Longo, Deborah Hobbs, Joia Natural Soda, Coconut One,  Scoby Baby Kombucha, Skinny Pop PopCorn,  Laura Greenberg, and many more.


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