As we begin our journey of #SelfRealization we can discredit old beliefs that no longer serve us. 

What is Friday the 13th and how does it effect me? 

Historically if the 13th day Falls on a Friday it has been believed to be unlucky - black cats (associated with women & witches) a time where patriarchy and fear of women was is full bloom. Also many of these references are European belief structure all the way up to the present moment.

In the not so distant past, Friday the 13 have been associates with cats especially black cats, yet cats were worshiped in Pre Judeo-Christian times such as in Ancient Egypt where cats are believed to originate from.

"The cat was still worshiped, but in Confusing ways. Sometimes it was a Virgin deity, comparable to the Virgin Mary during the conception of Christ: B.C. A.D. Cats had spread from Egypt throughout Europe, Asia, the Roman Empire, down the Silk Road and throughout other religions such as Christianity and Buddhism. - 200 B.C to A.D 1400. A.D. By 390, The Egyptian cat cult was banned by the decree of the imperial Roman emperor, thus cats Dark Ages fell across Europe," explains Georgie Anne Geyer.

The Root word for Friday the 13th is sourced from the Greek word (Paraskevi), a day falling on the Gregorian Calendar. The fear surrounding the special day may have been a direct reference to the 13 people to were present at the last supper on the Thursday before #GoodFriday which was the day that Jesus was crucified.

Many times in history one dogma, faith or tradition had been replaced by another. Such as when the Pagan celebration of the Sumerian goddess Inanna or Ishtar was Replaced by the Holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ aka Easter. 

13 in Numerology is a powerful number as 1 symbolizes exploration and self-sufficiency, and  3: references Diplomacy and team work. One and three together computes to Four which represents Pragmatism and Focus. 

As we Exit the negative states of the #AgeofPisces we leave false fears and fantasies, deception, drugs, prisons, jails, sheep who need to be lead. 

Friday the thirteenth brings up the suppression of the devine feminine, negativity surrounding women, cats and just unlucky. What an under-statement. There is so much magic we have yet to uncover, discover and learn.

Meditation Contemplation: "I Trust Myself, I no longer look to Authority to decipher my Truth." 

written by Marlena Elise

Images/ Copywrite source unknown #punioland (cat illustrations) #Lastsupperby #leonardodevenci