Ladies of Horror: Prevenge


Written by Cat Wilson of
Today’s pick is the horror comedy slasher, Prevenge. This film was written, directed and starred by Alice Lowe all while she was actually pregnant. In most women lead revenge films such as Kill Bill or the 2017 aptly named film Revenge, the women are usually first raped and beaten and left for dead, while men lead films Taken or John Wick the violence they experience is more vicarious, because it happens to “their” women, family or dog. Not so with Prevenge, which has as it’s premise that the main character Ruth is being goaded to murder by her unborn child. Ruth character emulates a mythical fury dealing out bloody justice to those who have wronged her. When asked if this film was feminist, Alice Lowe replied

Really if this film has any agenda, it would be to say, "You might think you can't identify with this person because they're a different age to you, or a different race, or a different gender, or a different situation because they're pregnant, but actually by the end of it, why can't you identify with this person?"