Happy Halloween Ladies of Horror

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Written by Cat Wilson of catthewilson.com
We made it! Today we were going to review the new Suspiria, but unfortunately it isn’t playing in our city so maybe next year.

Here is Ladies of Horror by the numbers: 30 movies with women in lead roles, 9 were written or co-written by women (the original Halloween was co-written with a woman), 6 were directed by women, 7 featured women of color (counting the foreign language films), 1.5 featured queer women.

Recommended Further Reading and Research:

Men, Women, and Chain Saws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film Carol J. Clover’s book that coined the term “Final Girl”

Horror and the Monstrous-Feminine: An Imaginary Abjection Barbara Creed’s Essay on the Monstrous-Feminine

The Fear of Femaleness: How “Frankenstein” Acts as a Feminist Platform

Anita Sarkeesian on Evil Seductress —->

20 Years of ‘The Craft’: Why We Needed More of Rochelle It would be amazing to a remake of The Craft with women of color although it would need to be handled carefully.

Something Is Wrong in This House: How Bluebeard Became the Definitive Fairy Tale of Our Era On Women and the Gothic Horror

Scary Sisters: A Brief History of Black Women in Horror

Black Final Girls & Other Musings From the Graveyard Shift Sisters a blog dedicated to Black women in horror.

Honorable Mentions and Other Films:

Hush a slasher featuring a deaf mute women, it’s important to see differently abled people on screen, however we are troubled by the number of films that show women being tortured.

American Psycho because it was directed by Mary Harron.

Pet Sematary because it was directed by Mary Lambert.

Near Dark because it was written and directed by the amazing Kathryn Bigelow.

We have one more post tomorrow for All Soul’s Day.

Movie Posters Honorable Mentions: