Ladies of Horror for October: The Uninvited 1944


Post Written by Cat Wilson

For all the ladies attempting the horror movie challenge or if you want one classy spooky movie to watch, Lady has you covered. We are going to list scary movies with amazing ladies in them for Halloween. Our first suggestion is 1944’s The Uninvited. The story is based on Dorothy Macardle’s novel Uneasy Freehold. The film, even though Rick the main character is a typical 40’s male lead, is dominated by women; quirky female side characters, the ingenue and a memorable villainess. It’s a classic ghost story that is also full of complicated human relationships. The Uninvited passes the Bechdel test many times over.

Minor spoiler. My favorite lady character is actually the hero’s sister Pam. It’s rare in film to see siblings that aren’t the same gender, which is refreshing. Early in the film Pam is left for weeks to fix up the old manor house by herself. When Rick returns he wakes up in the middle of the night to the sound of a woman crying. Rick is obviously spooked by this while Pam is simply relieved that he hears it too. His reaction is hilarious because he tries so hard to put up a brave front. You can watch this scene at the Turner Classic Movies website.