The Period Goddess


Mythical Creatures: Menstruation Cycle Art

This is a mixed media image I created of subject Stasha Washburn of the Period Coach created by Marlena Elise McClain, founder of the Lady Art Collective I had a vision to create this after learning about a the Period Goddess temple in India. Ironically, the temple excludes women who are on their cycle. It is my belief that we are in an incredible time to make a difference for women and girls.

Part of my work here is to liberate and uplift women. I founded the collective in 2013 after working many degrading and low paid roles as a photographer and rising artist. I noticed a gap in the art gallery scene not only for women but female artists who make art about the female experience. I use female folklore and mythology to empower women and girls, the imagery isn’t only powerful it is a tool to re-write our existence as women in our own words, verses being muted or a mystery.

Upon creation of this pieces ‘Period Goddess’ was to create beauty, inspiration and pride among women who are on their cycle verses shame and fear.

The art work was accomplished by composited photographs I had captured, stock images and digital drawings onto the composited images. Stasha is holding several items such as a teapot (herbal for comfort, herbal tea like kava kava, ginger, turmeric, herbs that promote blood circulation), Middle Left holding Period Panties (vs a pad or tampon that generates more trash), Bottom Left (Mountain Herbs to make tea), Top Right (The Period Coach Book - Stasha’s own period tracking manual - education), Middle Right - (Diva Cup, device to insert), Bottom Right - (Hibiscus - dried tea promotes blood circulation). The moon resembles the period tracking - 28 days, as referenced by the book. Ginger and chamomile flowers represent different herbs to make as tea or to intake. The mountain represents though there are many struggles for women, you are not alone and there are many paths and blessings in being female, and refuges to go to… you are not alone on this journey.

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Kamakhya yoni in Devipuram, Andhra Pradesh