Period Art Submission

Please do share your poetry, flowetry, recipe (aka soothing tea tonic, relax strategy), illustration, animation, video or photography that describes a time when they had their period.

Your Period Art can be a story of when they had their first or last period, the most humiliating time, how their period makes them feel beautiful or powerful, what ever the case, share your stuff guuuurl!

Submit original "Period Art" to, Send by Oct 1st, 2019.

* All art will get a bio, talk about the art and link to artist's page at and social media accounts.

Plus top submissions will get a free head shot session by Marlena Elise in DTLA - approved images will be featured in the blog.



Submit work by October 1st 2019 to ‘Attention Marlena’ with:

  • your name

  • name of art, date created

  • materials used

  • artist statement (paragraph)

  • what your art is about

  • how did you make your art

  • what inspires you day to day

  • what is your favorite thing about receiving your period (if any)

  • how did you learn about what a period is

  • have you ever been bullied about your period

  • something personal :

    • when did you first get your period, what kinds of periods do you have, or what are your favorite ‘go-to’ period products, and vices of relaxation during your period?