Ladies of Horror: The Girl with All the Gifts


Written by Cat Wilson of catthewilson.com
Today’s pick is the post-apocalyptic zombie horror drama, The Girl with All the Gifts. The girl in question, named Melanie, is held prisoner with other children at a military base during a zombie outbreak. All of the children are second generation zombies that can think and learn although they have an irresistible craving for human flesh. They are taught in a classroom by Helen Justineau, who is the one person that empathizes with the children. At the same time Dr. Caroline Caldwell is experimenting on the children in hopes of finding a cure and save human kind.

Women are the major players in this story. Also, it is the first in our list featuring a black girl or woman, but more on that in a later post. It is an unusual zombie film, thought provoking and tragic.