Natal Chart Reading

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Natal Chart Reading


What is My Natal Chart & Why is it important to learn?

The important features of every chart that the astrologer must give special attention to are the positions of the sun and moon by sign and house; the sign on the ascendant, and the planet that rules that sign, called the ascendant ruler or chart ruler.

Also important is the first planet to occupy the first, second, or third houses after the ascendant. Called the rising planet it will be particularly strong in the chart. If no planet occupies the first three houses, then a planet in the twelfth house close to the ascendant can be taken to be the rising planet. Planets that are in conjunction to (right beside) the primary angles of ascendant, midheaven, descendant, or IC (known as angular planets) must also be especially considered.

What you will get:

  • 30 minute reading
  • Learn all your natal chart aspects
  • Email sent with copy of your personal Natal Chart Diagram, Aspects
  • Learn about your Sun Sign (what you show the world).
  • Your Moon Sign (Inner Emotions/ Where your heart is). 
  • Ascendant Sign (What you teach the world).
  • Basic understanding of what matters to you, money, where your power is and relationships.
  • General Aspects.
  • Challenges to overcome.

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