Best in Show Winner of Queen Calafia

Best in Show Winner of Queen Calafia Deborah Hobbs. Hobbs won a 1 yr supply of Product from Calafia Farms for the following works. Hobbs is a native Californian, who resides in the central coast of California. She specializes on flora, abstract and portraiture.  

Below is a little about the artist and her process in creating original work for the show. 

"When approached by Marlena with this concept show I was immediately inspired. My first thought was of my friend Binta  who is a poet, health care provider, fierce warrior, and who absolutely loves California.  Currently a bay area resident she says she will never live anywhere else. I saw her immediately in this setting as Califia. I began with her in the middle foreground of this long canvas hoping to capture an expansive view as California provides. Iconically the Golden Gate Bridge frames Binta's face, placed on a beach is a representative "Hotel California" which is an iconic song by the Eagles, " you can check out but you can never leave", lyrics of which resonate with me as a native Californian. The California poppies seen all over our beautiful state often appear with the complimentary purple lupins, comfort Califia's chest. The mystical Griffin's perches are painted gold, a reference to the gold that brought so many settlers to California. The Pacific ocean, the Palm trees also an iconic symbols of California in my mind, and large Bird of Paradise referencing the paradise we Californians feel is our state, and the Monterey Cyprus trees dotting the coast had to be included. And of course the Monarch Butterfly adorning the image , dual reference to the Monarch Califia and the butterfly itself. 

     The name sake of California being a strong, dark skinned, warrior Queen is perfect in this political climate, thank-you Marlena for bringing her to my attention.

     The second image of "Califia" that came to me was inspired by our first Lady , Michelle  Obama. I wanted to juxtapose a "celebrity" along side my friend as equals. As I worked on this piece, not being a realistic painter, Michelle's face kept reminding me of the face of an American Indian which I allowed to happen given that " the original people" were indeed natives.  I am so impressed with Michelle as a gracious, intelligent, loving, beautiful soul I felt her as Queen Califia was also perfect. 

    Included in this portrait are the rolling hills, with Oak trees in the background. Her crown/ halo is made of California poppies, Valley Oak trees leaves, two suns setting on either side also resembling wings coming from her head. And the Griffin protectors from the original story of Califia atop her head. A Monarch Butterfly, this time on the Queen's chest, was a must to reference both the Queen and the butterfly, a reserve for which exists within miles of my current residence."  - Deborah Hobbs

First Lady of Califia

24"x 30" in

Oil on Canvas


Binta, Queen of Califia

60"x20" in

Oil on Canvas

Best in Show Sponsor Califia Farms

Califia Farms will be giving the Lady Art Collective 1 yr supply of product to the #QueenCalafia Best in Show Winner the night of the reception. 

About Califia Farms

"Califia Farms brings only the most delicious, good-for-the-world foods by applying creativity and innovation to nature's bounty, because we believe the world needs a healthier, plant-based food system.

They use passion, insight and intuition to whip natural ingredients into foods and drinks that actually love you back.  Products are all natural and GMO-free. They love your planet by being sustainably-sourced. They love your taste buds by combining unique ingredients for the best flavors. They love your other senses by looking good, feeling great, and conveniently popping up at your local store: the total package.

Their name comes from the Spanish legend of Queen Califia who ruled the bountiful, mythical island of California, and is said to have been the inspiration for the name of our home state. With native Californian and beverage visionary Greg Steltenpohl as the CEO of Califia Farms, they are focused on making the future more mouthwatering by the minute. " -  Text Content provided by

Conscious Period

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Blue Goddess by Alexandra Pastorino

Alexandra’s painting “Blue Goddess” was inspired by her longtime fascination of

California, her passion for strong color which arises from deep blues of the night

sky and oceans to the gold of the stars, and the role of women in the history of


Golden star like this goddess who stand up, proud and strong, against the

elements, Nature and humans, and represent all the women and female warriors,

from the prehistoric time (like the Venus de Lespugue in Europe) to Queen

Calafia, who represent California’s origin and the new World.

This painting is the epiphany of Queen Califia, a mythical image which resonate in our reality." - Alexandra Pastorino  

Blue Goddess

Size: 30x40

Mixed media (plaster, dry pigment, acrylic, gold leaves)

Visit to learn more about the artist.

Queen Calafia Oracle by Marlena McClain

"I find the mythology of Queen Calafia very compelling. I wanted to invite other women of artists communities to participate. Women have been consistently and continuously lied to about their own histories.

The simple fact that I and many, many others have never knew the basic history of California or where the name California is complete an utter blasphemy. Though the myth of Queen Calafia has many twists and turns and has been retold in many ways to put down groups of people. I personally think that we as women need to un-suppress the Goddess and first of all at least give thanks to this woman weather she existed or not, her name is powerful enough to name a state after, we must then re-tell Herstory.

In part of Women's Herstory month I wanted to begin to revive the Feminine Devine. She has been submerged, suppressed, mutilated ignored, forgotten and. Within my all female art group, The Lady Art Collective, I wish to connect, revive, dig up Herstory and make it about her Art, her Mind, and Heal her Soul. I ask women in the community to share their art on a chosen theme, and invite the public to join in the conversation and make pieces available to purchase."

- Marlena E. McClain - Director of the Lady Art Collective. Personal & Commercial work can be found at  


Panamint, Death Valley by Brenda Marie Matea

Art Works:

Panamint/Death Valley, CA  5x7 photo in a 20x24 silver frame

Woman with Flower 4x4 photo in an 8x10 gold frame

A visit to Death Valley to see the Super Blooms in 2016 inspired this composition. The blooms had blown away the week before. The roses were captured at the end of the trip in Lone Pine. Brenda decided to create her own blooms to express the beauty she experienced on her first trip to this incredible CA desert. The silver frame was chosen to honor Panamint as a silver mining town.

Brenda is a native-born Californian with a love for people and places. She especially loves the beauty and bounty of the diverse California landscape. She tells stories of her experiences using layers of photographs she has captured on her iPhone. Final compositions are created using Apps on her iPhone.


Learn more about Brenda at Sugar Beauty Photography








Weaving Existence By Pamela G. Almeida

"Queen Calafia, through her self-determination and self-agency, created a world of her own that

was in tune with natural cycles and in service of the women whom she protected. In Weaving

Existence, I present the image of a crowned Queen Goddess who is a testament of embodied

sovereignty. She’s an empowered magical being who gathers information through her deep

connection to Spirit and weaves into form the world around her to reflect her untamed, authentic

essence. She stands for beauty, passion, and embodied wisdom. " 

Weaving Existence

36” x 48”


Learn more about Pamela at

The Empress by Laura Dipietro

The Empress (2017) - 18x24, Oil on Wood Panel

"The Empress represents the Mother of All, the Goddess of Fertility, the archetypal Earth Mother, and all things divine and feminine. She is the High Priestess that empowers her people with strength and love.

The Goddess Calafia is a figure of nobility, and yet she humbly fights alongside her army to bring victory to her people. I found that the more I studied Queen Calafia, the more I came to appreciate the courage in all women, and the strength we find when we work together as one.

My painting The Empress depicts a calm and soothing portrait of a warrior, but also celebrates her femininity and grace. The duality of woman is seen here through a beautiful surface, which holds a bold and fearless energy. I find comfort in that duality, and the power of creating life while protecting and loving it." - Laura

Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck by Rhythm Quest

Ready to be emboldened and guided by the Goddesses of Africa? 

The Black Goddess Within Oracle Card Deck was created as a campaign to help Black Creative Goddesses everywhere get their creative gifts out into the world. 

The deck comprises 13 cards, 7 goddess cards and 6 concept cards, inspired by the wisdom found in the cultures, geographies, and goddesses of Africa. 

Vendor  / @blackgoddessphd

Featured image of Queen Calafia by Rhythm Quest

Queen Calafia by Lois Keller

Queen Calafia paper collage  36" x 24."

" I believe there is power in the every day acts that women do, (such as grocery shopping) that empower their families, communities and themselves. I love living in California and hold dear all that she stands for. In these turbulent political times, I see Calafia as a heroine and a leader, she is sustainable, powerful, and feeds the nation with not only her bounty but in her beliefs regarding a peaceful, sustainable and just future for all her people." - Lois Keller

To Learn more about the artist click here. 

Mosque Veils by Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke

Introducing abstract artist Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke, who will be part of our Queen Calafia Exhibition in March. Her work is a four panel series.

Images titled, 'Mosque Veils,' work is inspired by her visit to Istanbul and, "the frayed veil looks like the shape of an abstract woman dress silhouette who seems empowered and dynamic."

Visit to learn more about the artist. 

Fire Hands by Jennifer Emery

Fire Hands by artist Jennifer Emery. Her artist depiction of Calafia is about Strength and Beauty. Check out her image here and learn more about Jennifer and her work at the links below. 

About Jennifer

Jennifer (Zivolich) Emery is an award winning photographer, educator, published author and Interfit Photographic Brand Ambassador. She specializes in Commercial Portrait, Fashion, Celebrity & Lifestyle Photography & Video, and is an Adjunct Photography Professor.  She conducts various photography workshops and speaking engagements across the nation including "Canon Live Learning" Seminars.  Her recently published book, "Lighting Design for Commercial Portrait Photography”, was published with Amherst Media and can be found at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

In an effort to support professional and emerging photographers, Jennifer co-founded the  "Arts District Los Angeles Photo Collective"of which she is an ongoing board member.  She is also an Actor, Voiceover Artist, Screenwriter, and Indi-Producer/Director." - text by www.