Images of Women's March LA - 1-21-2017

Images of Women's March LA - 1.21.2017

It was such a joy to witness such an event. For the first time in way-too-long, I felt proud to be an American free of judgement in any kind of crippling way. Literally, every "group" was represented, present and heard. To see more images of the protest please click here.

As a photographer and director of the Lady Art Collective, it was truly a beautiful and peaceful protest. Personally I wanted to show my support, yet the thought of, "what if," crossed my mind the day prior to the event. There has been an incredible amount of violence in the United States and globally.

A record high of 250,000 people were present at the the Women's March in Down Town Los Angeles, I saw all kinds of people, like fellow artist of the Lady Art Collective Deborah Hobbs who drove down from San Luis Obispo to be here and her best friend Michael Anthony Rodriguez who just got married to his long time partner Stephan. Thousands of men also showed up to the event, Girl Scout Leaders, Dad's, Sons, Bothers and single individuals. I ran into several celebrities such as Joann the Scammer, Anne-Marie Johnson and Maya Rudoph.  

Despite the immense fear over the new President Elect, Trump has oddly United us, he has united us in protest of a common enemy. This event has caused more camaraderie upon sisters, people with differences than I have ever seen in my 31 years on this planet. The protest brought humility and love for ourselves and each other and I really hope this is just the beginning.