The Empress by Laura Dipietro

The Empress (2017) - 18x24, Oil on Wood Panel

"The Empress represents the Mother of All, the Goddess of Fertility, the archetypal Earth Mother, and all things divine and feminine. She is the High Priestess that empowers her people with strength and love.

The Goddess Calafia is a figure of nobility, and yet she humbly fights alongside her army to bring victory to her people. I found that the more I studied Queen Calafia, the more I came to appreciate the courage in all women, and the strength we find when we work together as one.

My painting The Empress depicts a calm and soothing portrait of a warrior, but also celebrates her femininity and grace. The duality of woman is seen here through a beautiful surface, which holds a bold and fearless energy. I find comfort in that duality, and the power of creating life while protecting and loving it." - Laura