Panamint, Death Valley by Brenda Marie Matea

Art Works:

Panamint/Death Valley, CA  5x7 photo in a 20x24 silver frame

Woman with Flower 4x4 photo in an 8x10 gold frame

A visit to Death Valley to see the Super Blooms in 2016 inspired this composition. The blooms had blown away the week before. The roses were captured at the end of the trip in Lone Pine. Brenda decided to create her own blooms to express the beauty she experienced on her first trip to this incredible CA desert. The silver frame was chosen to honor Panamint as a silver mining town.

Brenda is a native-born Californian with a love for people and places. She especially loves the beauty and bounty of the diverse California landscape. She tells stories of her experiences using layers of photographs she has captured on her iPhone. Final compositions are created using Apps on her iPhone.


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