Queen Calafia Oracle by Marlena McClain

"I find the mythology of Queen Calafia very compelling. I wanted to invite other women of artists communities to participate. Women have been consistently and continuously lied to about their own histories.

The simple fact that I and many, many others have never knew the basic history of California or where the name California is complete an utter blasphemy. Though the myth of Queen Calafia has many twists and turns and has been retold in many ways to put down groups of people. I personally think that we as women need to un-suppress the Goddess and first of all at least give thanks to this woman weather she existed or not, her name is powerful enough to name a state after, we must then re-tell Herstory.

In part of Women's Herstory month I wanted to begin to revive the Feminine Devine. She has been submerged, suppressed, mutilated ignored, forgotten and. Within my all female art group, The Lady Art Collective, I wish to connect, revive, dig up Herstory and make it about her Art, her Mind, and Heal her Soul. I ask women in the community to share their art on a chosen theme, and invite the public to join in the conversation and make pieces available to purchase."

- Marlena E. McClain - Director of the Lady Art Collective. Personal & Commercial work can be found at www.MarlenaElise.com